After a few years, any decor can look a little outdated and worn. Things that looked great five years ago are not so wonderful now. It is time to either move or make some changes to make the home decor look new and fresh again. There are many things the homeowner can do themselves to make a room look new and inviting.

Remove everything from one room at a time. Once the room is empty, give it a thorough cleaning and a fresh coat of wall paint.

Examine all the items from the room and decide which pieces are still in good shape and the family still likes, then place them back in the room.

Make a list of items that need to be replaced or added to make the room complete. Decide on a color scheme.

Decide on a furnishing budget, prioritize the shopping list, and assign an amount of money that is reasonable for each item. The decorating list can be filled over a period of months if necessary.


When money is limited, purchase the largest and most important Furniture items first, then look at small Furniture, Lighting, and Home Decor accessories.


Decide where to purchase each item by looking at online home decorating sites and local furniture stores. Consider the shipping costs as part of the furniture price when comparing retailers. A great sale on a sofa purchased locally might make more sense than purchasing one online at regular price and paying shipping costs.

Check out the online ordering sites for customer ratings. Then, get familiar with the site ordering and Arteriors shipping policies, payment methods accepted, and other issues. Be sure to check on the return and refund policies for each site.


Consider ordering one or two smaller items from an online site to see how well things go then, if satisfied, order larger items. Remember, online shopping requires patience to find the right item, then to wait for it to be shipped. Shipped items come in packaging with assembly directions. The customer unpacks and assembles the online furniture purchases themselves.

Shop carefully, choosing the perfect furniture and accessory items to coordinate with existing items and paint colors in the room. Many items come with fabric, finish, or color choices. Some photographed colors will vary slightly from the real item, so make allowances or request samples. This is not the place to order things, return them and try again, as shipping costs and return fees can add up quickly.


Go on to the next room and repeat this process.

Redoing rooms can be a really enjoyable experience with results that one can enjoy for years to come. A little planning can go a long way in home decorating online. For more information, visit the website.